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Whistle blowing

Whistleblowing System (WBS) Hotline allows for anonymous reporting of concerns.


What is the Waruna Whistleblower system?

Waruna Whistleblower system is a reporting platform provided by Waruna management for suspected violations of company regulations such as; falsification of data / signatures / information, embezzlement, fraud, acceptance of gratuities, violence, abuse, harassment, smuggling of money / company assets and other activities that are against company code of conduct and have negative impact for Waruna group. Waruna Group guarantees the confidentiality and security of the whistleblower's identity.

Who is allowed to report?

All office employees, crew and business partners of Waruna Group have the right to report if they found indications of fraud or violations of company policy. Reporting can be made through WhatsApp to Waruna Group's fraud center 0878-2277-0300 or sending an email to Reporting channels are managed directly by Waruna Group management.

How does the Waruna whistleblower system work?

After receiving reports of suspected violations accompanied by evidence, management will sent designated individuals or internal audit to follow up on the report. Internal audit will collect evidence and match each findings. if the reported party is proven to have violated the company's rules, a punishment or criminal sanction will be applied according to company policies.